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Collateral Valuation

Sprout Mortgage offers two options for Collateral Review, Clear Capital CDA or Pro Teck ARR reports.  Each Correspondent may use their own AMC for the original appraisal(s) based on program requirements.  In addition, one of these two products must accompany each loan submitted for Guideline and Purchase reviews.  Please contact the company of your choice and work with them directly.     

Clear Capital/CDA

David Newell Director, Customer Development
Clear Capital
office: 530.550.2518
cell: 530.414.4212

Pro Teck/ARR  

Sarah A. Baldo | SVP National Sales

Pro Teck Valuation Services

307 Waverley Oaks Rd | Suite 305 | Waltham, MA  02452

Office: 781.314.1857 | Cell: 203.494.8005


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