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Guidelines and Policies

Sprout's New Consolidated Sales Guide contains product guidelines, lock policies and delivery procedures to make doing business with us easy and convenient.  In this new Guide, loan programs with similar characteristics have been combined and guidelines have been expanded.  So now it’s simpler to select the best financing solution, and more borrowers can qualify.  Just search for your topic and let us know if you have any additional questions.

Sprout Non-QM Program Matrices give you a quick reference to our product set.

Sprout's Website Overview contains complete directions on locking, submitting, guideline and purchase review as well as managing your account in our portal.

Sprout Collateral Delivery Requirements gives you the most up to date information on what is required and where to deliver collateral for closed loan delivery. 

Closing Doc Matrix provides a comprehensive list of documents, based on the Sprout program selected, for closing your loans accurately through by our approved vendors.


Consolidated Sales Guide    PDF  1,202.68k    
Sales Guide A5, A6, J8, I5, I6    PDF  899.94k    
Sprout Sales Guide    PDF  1,073.99k    
Sprout Lock Policy     PDF  173.96k    
Collateral Delivery Requirements    PDF  89.95k    
Closing Doc Matrix       55.38k    
Sprout Quick Reference     PDF  64.95k    
Sprout Website Overview     PDF  2,795.68k    
How to Lock a Loan    PDF  1,164.33k    
How To Archive a Loan    PDF  667.13k    
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